Chris Allen

Christopher Allen

Area Manager

Year started: 2016

Favorite Sport/Hobby: Baseball

Favorite Team: Texas Rangers

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Food: Pizza

Hobbies: Outdoors, Fishing, Camping, Baseball

Inspiration: Enjoying life with family and friends. Waking up and doing what I love everyday in the storage industry and taking care of my customers also gives me drive and passion.

Most Memorable Move/ Trip Experience: My most memorable trip is when I packed up one morning and headed to Florida for a week vacation. In my opinion, some fo the best trips are when you wake up one day and impulsively decide to take a vacation.


Holly Denbow - Corsicana picture for website

Holly Denbow

Manager, Corsicana

Year started: 2018

Favorite Sport/Hobby:

Favorite Team: 

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Food: Cheesecake

Hobbies: Reading and cooking

Inspiration: I believe that you get what you give in this world, and to that end I try to be kind to people and helpful. I want to be an example that my children follow when dealing with people, so that they will learn to be good, kind human beings.

Most Memorable Move/ Trip Experience: Took a cruise in 2011 to Mexico, this was a dream vacation for me. I had a blast getting to wake up on a boat with water as far as I could see. Morning coffee's with my book have never been so beautiful, and the staff and experience were absolutely amazing!


Allison website picture

Allison Dugger

Facility Manager, Industrial

Year started: 2018

Favorite Sport/Hobby: Football & Baseball

Favorite Team: Houston Texans, New Orleans Saints

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Food: Mexican

Hobbies: Outdoor projects around my house

Inspiration: My daughter

Most Memorable Move/ Trip Experience: Taking a week's vacation, rented a van and drove to Disney World in Florida with my mother and daughter (3yrs old at the time).